Dr. Mario Returns to Cure Our Ills

Oh, Nintendo Direct Micro. You are both adorable AND informative! Turns out that it’s not just Japan who’ll be receiving a new Dr. Mario title, but we’ll be getting it here as well. Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure will be heading to your console on June 11th.

The game incorporates modes like “classic” Dr. Mario, for those feeling nostalgic, as well as Dr. Luigi and the “touch-screen match-three” Virus Buster mode. Where the Miracle Cure aspect occurs is during gameplay, where various powers are generated once a gauge is filled up. Some powers clear all viruses of a particular color, act as a bomb, or just clear out an entire row.

You’ll be able to use local and online multiplayer in this game, with the Miracle Cure allowing you to mess up opponents with items! Yeah! Download play will also be available, and Virus Buster has a co-op mode.

Will this be the Dr. Mario that you’ve been longing for? Will it fill your hankering for Nintendo nostalgia? You’ll know soon enough.


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