amiibo Stock Issues are “Irresponsible and Rude”

We didn’t say it! But the executive producer of Disney Infinity sure did. Look, we are all familiar with how things have gone down with amiibo, and no one could have predicted just how crazily popular these figures would become. That said, despite Nintendo promising multiple times that they’re working on a solution, we’ve seen very little in the way of visible problem solving.

And according to John Vignocchi, it’s a reprehensible approach to game marketing and basically a slap in the face to Nintendo fans. When Disney Infinity 3.0 launches later this year with Star Wars figures, they won’t be making the same mistake. To Game Informer, Vignocchi said—when asked if they’d done anything to prepare for the high demand of Star Wars figures after seeing a “turbulent release” of amiibo—that:

“There is never an intention to create a shortage of any figures. It is irresponsible and rude to your hardcore fans. They don’t want to create frustration or the hunt. So they will be stocking shelves well!”

Arguably, it means you don’t lose revenue from sales of high-demand figures (wherein the money goes to resellers rather than back to the company producing the figures), but we see Vignocchi’s main point as well. It’ll be interesting to see if Star Wars figures create the same level of demand and hype upon release.


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