Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Editions on Wii / Wii U

At Comic-Con San Diego, Activision announced the Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition packs… with a special nod to the Wii & Wii U Dark Editions. The Dark Editions on the other consoles will feature added vehicles and characters (including Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf and Dark Sea Shadow), but the Wii U Dark Edition has a feature all its own! It’ll arrive with Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Dark Barrel Blaster. On the Wii, something different as well—Dark Hammer Slam Bowser and Dark Clown Cruiser.

It’s neat to see the Nintendo console versions getting special attention, though doubtless the exclusives will drive collectors crazy.

Ultimately, the choice of a Dark Edition will come down to value and aesthetic preference. Note that the Wii U’s standard starter comes with Turbo Charged Donkey Kong, Barrel Blaster and Super Shot Stealth Elf, while the Dark Edition is over $10 more with Dark characters and vehicles plus Dark Spitfire & Dark Hot Streak combos plus a Kaos Trophy.

If you’re not familiar with the Skylanders universe already, none of this is likely making sense to you, but trust us when we say it’ll come down to a cost comparison for you (or for families, more likely) and your aesthetic preference on the figures—and whether you have a burning need to “catch ‘em all.” An extra vehicle plus a trophy doesn’t really seem like the best value up front (and we don’t know yet whether or how much extra content the Kaos Trophy might unlock), but you need to weigh that for yourself.

That said, the Wii Dark Edition will certainly be more affordable, as usual, but consider that it is the Wii version. And last year the Wii version of Skylanders came with a free download of the Wii U version… so if we see this offer coming to SuperChargers (since we know there are differences between the Wii U and Wii versions, with the Wii  being more of a featured Racer), it could offer the greatest value.

And now that we know all this, we’ll probably see more info on the Wii and 3DS “racing” version of the game coming down the line soon. Stay tuned!


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