Nintendo’s New President Named

Since the sad and untimely passing of Nintendo’s former president Satoru Iwata, the question has remained regarding who would be named as his successor for the company. In the interim, Shigeru Miyamoto and Genya Takeda have been overseeing Nintendo’s leadershop, and there was speculation that one of these two gentlemen would take over the position full-time.

However, Nintendo has gone a different route and has chosen Tatsumi Kimishima as its new president. Kimishima is age 65, and is Nintendo’s current head of human resources. He has the experience to fill the position, as he worked as head of Nintendo of America between 2002-2006, overseeing the launch of the Wii on these shores.

Kimishima also has experience from his time in senior roles at the Pokémon company (President and CFO). Bloomberg has reported that both Miyamoto and Takeda will remain with Nintendo serving as “Creative Fellow” and “Technology Fellow” at the present time.


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