Nintendo Direct Broadcasts to Continue

Nintendo has gone on record with IGN to reassure Nintendo fans that the popular Nintendo Direct broadcasts will continue in the future, though at this time they were unable to say what form they would take.

This comes as a bittersweet announcement, as the broadcasts were hosted by former president Satoru Iwata who passed away this July at the young age of 55. Iwata was loved by Nintendo fans for his light-hearted approach to gaming, and his humility made him instantly relatable to the players.

A representative for Nintendo told IGN that “Nintendo Directs will continue, but we have no details to provide now on who will be featured or the topics that will be covered.”

At this time, it may be difficult for Nintendo Direct fans to envision new president Tatsumi Kimishima on-screen in the same role, and as a result we imagine that the format may be adjusted somewhat to make the transition easier for all involved.

Certainly we’ll learn more in the days ahead.


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