Shovel Knight amiibo Details Emerge

We knew that it was inevitable we’d see third-party amiibo eventually, so when the Shovel Knight amiibo was announced, we figured it’d be an exciting beginning to the future of these little plastic toys.

Not many additional details have emerged until now, but here we are: North America will receive this figure on January 8th. Yes, we know—that’s after the holidays, which isn’t exactly beneficial for your wallet—but according to Yacht Club Games, this was an intentional choice to make sure that there’s enough stock available.

Yacht Club Games absolutely does not want to see their character suffer from the same supply and demand issue as other amiibo figures, because as a third-party character, the more people who buy the amiibo, the more likely they are to purchase the game as well! It’s been revealed that in the game, the Shovel Knight amiibo will add a ‘Custom Knight’ in single player that can be leveled up to 50, and which will unlock new abilities, relics, and five challenge stages. It’ll also unlock five co-op challenge stages as well as a co-op mode in the Wii U version.

Yacht Club Games has also released a trailer for this amiibo! Check that out below, and set aside your cash now.


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