Major Super Mario Maker Update Tomorrow

Tomorrow, a major (and free) software update is coming for Super Mario Maker that adds a Super Expert mode to the 100-Mario Challenge. This mode will unlock after players clear Expert mode, bringing six insanely tough courses to the fore. As if things weren’t difficult enough, eh?

There will also be twelve new Mystery Mushroom costumes added to the 100 Mario Challenge, and brand new level creator tools to increase options as you create new and fun experiences for yourself and others:

  • Shake a Thwomp to turn it into a Super Mario World skewer column!
  • Shake a coin to turn it into a pink coin which players can then collect to make a key appear!
  • Shake a P switch to turn it into a key! Shake a door to turn it into a key door! Additionally, enemies can hold keys, therefore requiring players to defeat certain mandatory bosses before advancing in a level.
  • Ranking categories for world records added to Super Mario Maker Bookmark website! Number of first clears also added!

The Nintendo Direct recently held revealed that there have been over 6.2 million courses created for this game. That’s utterly mind-blowing…but also incredible! Sounds like there’s plenty of life left in this title yet!


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