Natsume Angling to Bring DS Games to Virtual Console

Another company is getting on board with the Virtual Console, looking to bring their beloved DS titles to the library of games available on the newer generations of Nintendo’s hardware.

Natsume recently held a Q&A on their tumblr account and the very first question concerns Natsume’s DS games and whether they might appear on the Virtual Console anytime soon.

As you’ll see if you click through, the response was non-committal, but it sounds like the company isn’t ruling things out entirely—and in fact that they may be in the process of bringing these titles to the Virtual Console right now.

“We are always interested in making Natsume’s library of unique and engaging titles avaible for Virtual Console. Currently, we are looking into what we can do… No news yet, but keep watching our social media for any announcements!”

This would be a great step for fans of Natsume games, as many of the company’s titles are considered classics by Nintendo fans. It’s also a great showing of interest by a major company in a time where Nintendo itself has slowed their own Virtual Console releases to almost nil.


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