Where is Miitomo?

Savvy Nintendo fans will know that Nintendo’s first smartphone app, Miitomo, has been available in Japan for several weeks at this point, launched in conjunction with My Nintendo—the replacement program for Club Nintendo that many have been waiting for.

Since the initial explosion of downloads in the first week, the number of folks hopping aboard has slowed, but there’s still a steady stream of people checking it out if the storefront app charts are anything to go by.

The big question is: Where is Miitomo in the rest of the world? Nintendo’s initial announcement for the app slated the release for March, but in the following weeks we stopped hearing the month and a more vague release window was given. We (and others) wondered if the initial announcement’s release window wasn’t going to happen…but here’s an interesting point…

The official Miitomo website was recently updated, and March 2016 was renewed on the site as the release date. However…well, just look up a little bit on the page you’re reading. It’s March 28th and so far there’s been silence from Nintendo.

Will the March release actually happen? Is it a pipe dream? Did someone make a mistake when updating the website and nobody has noticed yet, or will we actually see Miitomo arriving sometime in the next three days?

We’re hoping it arrives, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point. Stay tuned—there’s not much of March left to go, so a few days will tell one way or the other.


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