Kirby Fans in Japan—Get Thee to Your Café!

So, this is a strange and delightful piece of news. You may have heard the rumors floating around a few weeks ago that there’d be a Kirby Café opening up in Japan, though there was very little additional information about it.

Well, the rumor is reality, and now a full website has gone live for the café! It will feature both food and drink options to delight Kirby fans, as well as a gift shop full of Kirby themed items.

If you peruse the website, you can see that the café will open up on August 5th in Osaka and a second location in Nagoya will open on August 24th—however, the café in Nagoya is a shop and not really a café. The café will also open in Tokyo at a future date still to be determined.

What can you eat and drink there? Just about anything, it seems—well, anything you can imagine Kirby eating. Pancakes! Cupcakes! Pasta! And when you’re stuffed to the gills like an inflated pink creature, go spend some more cash on tote bags, pins, and mugs.

Is this something we can expect to see in North America anytime soon? Well, we’re not sure about that. But with the prevalence of board game cafes popping up, why not video-game character themes? We can only hope.


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