Inside the Nindies Lounge: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Wii U)

How many years in a row have we seen Shantae: Half-Genie Hero at PAX weekends? It feels like it’s been forever, but the verdict is that it’s finally releasing this December. That’s very good news for fans of the series, and hopefully you’re still hype for this new installment.

But is it worth getting hype about? It looks and feels like a solid 2D platformer that will be enjoyed by those who love tough, colorful platforming games—and it definitely maintains the humor and animation style that has kept fans of Shantae games coming back time and time again.

The word we kept hearing tossed around for this title, however, was “content.” As in, it’s a big game full of things to do. There will be a long campaign with considerable hours of play to invest in, as well as DLC featuring different characters and their own stories.

In the demo, it felt more like a linear platformer than a game with tons of story, but we’re thinking that’s just what happens when you give each person a few minutes of playtime during a busy demo event.

We’re also told that there will be lots of costume choices for Shantae and friends, each of which is meant to emphasize a different ability, allowing you to play more strategically than you might be used to in a Shantae game. There will also be minigames, challenges, and new abilities from previous titles.

It looks like there will be a lot to love for returning and new fans, with elements from previous games but enough freshening up to make this worth the wait. For everyone’s sake, we sure hope so—but the demos we’ve had a chance to take in over the years make us believe it.


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