Coffin Dodgers, the Latest Kart Racer

We are not making this up—it’s time for the latest and greatest in kart racing titles to hit the Nintendo Switch, coming in the form of Coffin Dodgers. Yes, that’s right. This dark comedy game from Milky Tea Studios and Wales Interactive is hitting the eShop on March 13.

The game is a “race for your soul”, a fast racer where players take control of retirement village residents on their souped-up mobility scooters. Which are also armed with homemade weapons. Which are used to fight the Grim Reaper and his minions throughout the duration of the races.

This intriguing title has a multiplayer mode for up to four people, as well as an open-world ‘Crazy Granddad’ mode where you’ll take grandpa out in Sunny Pines district to zoom around against the clock.

It’s basically Road Rash meets Mario Kart 8 starring senior citizens, and we’re kinda here for it.


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