Crash Team Racing… Back On for Switch?

Is it happening? Isn’t it happening? Last December, we brought news that multiple retailers had removed their pre-order pages for the Nintendo Switch version of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, resulting in cancelled pre-orders and disappointment for excited fans. Even the official website for the game reverted to a “Coming Soon” message under the Switch pre-order section.

As of writing, the plans appear to have shifted course once again, and pre-orders are once again opened for Crash Team Racing on Switch—well, at places like GameStop and Amazon, but not the official game site. Nintendo’s page for the game, however, has the title arriving on June 21st—so while the official game site still says “Coming Soon,” we’re thinking that the pre-order appearances and the information on Nintendo’s page are enough to consider the issue resolved.

Looks like we’ll be seeing this title on Switch on June 21st. Is your pre-order back on?


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