Eiji Aonuma Speaks About His Latest Return to Hyrule

Anyone who has played a Legend of Zelda game in the past 20 years likely knows the name Eiji Aonuma, the man who has been in charge of Hyrule and who shows no sigh of stepping away anytime soon—in fact, he’s diving in again for the direct sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The game was teased at the end of Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct presentation, with a very brief glimpse of Link and Zelda from the aforementioned game descending underneath Hyrule Castle… where a dark presence awaits.

Aonuma spoke to Game Informer about this project and his reasoning behind the return:

“One of the reasons we wanted to create a continuation was because I wanted to revisit that Hyrule again and use that world again, while incorporating new gameplay and new story.”

It will be a continuation and arrive in full form—which Aonuma confirmed—and there’s the possibility of DLC for this title as well, in the same way DLC kept players going in Breath of the Wild for long after the game’s release:

“I really like the idea of having DLC or anything coming after the main game. People play the game longer and enjoy the game a lot deeper. Going forward, that’s definitely something we’ll think about.”

In the interview, Aonuma also mentioned that the development team had been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2… does that mean we’ll see some influence or conceptual elements appearing in this new game? Time will tell!


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