CIRCLE Entertainment Fall Switch Sale is Live!

CIRCLE Entertainment’s sale has gone live on the Nintendo Switch eShop, with up to 85% off 17 of its titles until October 1st. There is a variety of game types on the list, so regardless of whether you enjoy puzzle games or RPGs, there’s most likely something here to appeal to your taste.

Take a gander at the list received from the press release:

  • 85% Off – A Dark Room
  • 80% Off – PAN-PAN A tiny big adventure, Koi DX
  • 60% Off – Shelter Generations,World Conqueror X
  • 50% Off – Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, Button Button Up!
  • 40% Off – WILL: A Wonderful World, Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix, Solstice Chronicles: MIA, European Conqueror X, Incredible Mandy
  • 30% Off – The friends of Ringo Ishikawa, Shadows of Adam, Paper Dolls: Original, Maitetsu: Pure Station
  • 25% Off – Arrest of a stone Buddha


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