At-Home Printing Can Replace Damaged Mario Kart Live Gates

With the release of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit today, players all over are setting up elaborate tracks and discovering just how creative they can be with the amount of floorspace they have. Undoubtedly, along the way (or just over time) there are bound to be some accidents and wear on the cardboard pieces that make up the track.

These cardboard gates are checkpoints for the game’s software and the Mario RC car, so they’re critical to the game being able to work. The good new is that if your dog decides to use one as a chew toy, you can print more at home!

Grab ‘em from Nintendo Japan’s site right here.

They have all the same AR markers that Mario’s kart needs to speak with the game software, so there’s no need to panic or feel like you need to call up customer service and demand a replacement. It’s a handy and thoughtful DIY solution direct from Nintendo itself.


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