Netflix comes to your 3DS tomorrow! : Update

In a bit of a surprise move, Netflix will show up tomorrow, July 14th, for streaming customers in North America.  If you were sad about not getting access to the Nintendo Video service our European and Japanese friends have, put on an episode of Monk and forget all about it.  No word on 3D content yet of course, but here’s hoping!


Update: Not sure how we missed this, but in the announcement from yesterday, Nintendo actually revealed that 3D movies will soon be available. “Users will soon have access to an additional library of select movies that can be viewed in 3D without the need for special glasses”.  This won’t, however, be from Netflix.  It will be from the Nintendo Video service launching in the summer.  This doesn’t mean there won’t be 3D movies on Netflix, but if there’s already a 1st party solution, I would argue that it would make it less likely.


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