Gamestop: Successful Wii U puts pressure on rivals

In what most would argue is a huge no-brainer, but is still something interesting to hear one of the biggest game retailers, and one with huge developer and hardware manufacturer clout, say.  In an series of investor meetings, they mentioned the hardware launch.

Management does not expect new hardware consoles from Microsoft and Sony until 2014; however, a successful launch of Nintendo’s Wii U in 2012 could add pressure to accelerate a hardware refresh.

Which, when you think about it, does make sense.  However, even if we say the Wii U launches in the earliest part of their projected launch window, April 2012, and we say that Sony and Microsoft are thinking holiday 2014, that doesn’t really leave a whole lot of time to speed up and accelerate a hardware launch.  And really, let’s think back to the Sega Saturn, when a console was launched far too early and to the surprise of developers.  And let’s think back to the red rings of death, does anyone really want Microsoft to rush their hardware design again?



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