Skyward Sword the last 1st party Wii title?

Revelations are still coming out of E3 as we digest everything that was said and all we heard.  Speaking at the roundtable discussion Nintendo had, there was an odd bit of contradictory language about what exactly the future of the first party is on the Wii.

“Well, Skyward Sword as a title in general is not about… It takes good advantage of the Wii, but it’s really focused on motion plus functionality using your sword and your shield and the kind of tracking controls that are possible because of motion plus, not just with your sword but with a whole variety of different gameplay options that are all controlled by motion plus,” Aonuma said. “It’s a game that uses that as a central point of reference for gameplay and we really expand and iterate on that. As you mentioned, sure it’s possible that this could be one of the last titles for the Wii from Nintendo, but I certainly didn’t get the sensation that this is it – we’ve done everything we can. When making the game, it wasn’t even something I really paid attention to.”

“We just focused on really expanding with motion plus and doing everything we could with that feature since it was sort of the backbone [of the project]. But there’s always more to iterate on, so gameplay possibilities will continue to grow regardless of system.”

In the same sentence, he says that he didn’t get the sensation that this was the last Wii title, but that they’re really done all that they can with the Wii.  From a company that really likes to get the best out of it’s hardware and move on, that seems to indicated to me that they’re finished with it.  It’s not surprising, but with the Wii still selling well and likely to continue to sell to a different crowd even with the inevitable Wii U launch, they might let something else out.  It’s unlikely we’ll have a Twilight Princess moment with releases on both consoles of essentially the same game, but anything is possible.




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