Wii U solves a majour console FPS problem

If there’s one thing console gamers seem to love, it’s first person shooters.  The Call of Duty‘s and Halo‘s of the world sell by the millions, even though most would agree that the mouse is a superior method of aiming.  Because of the lack of precision and, more importantly, comparably tiny amount of speed control that thumbsticks offer, executing quick 180 turns and other speedy manoeuvres have been next to impossible on the console.  Because of this, twitch games such as the Quake and Unreal Tournament have either died entirely or come out severely slowed down on the consoles.  The Wii U solves this issue, partially.

Speaking to NGamer, the producer of Killer Freaks from Outer Space Guillaume Brunier, describes how it helps:

“We’ve used the accelerometer feature,” explained Brunier. “If you move very fast the game will know and adjust movement speed. Those familiar with FPSes know how difficult it is to go around 180 degrees. With these new controls it’s a thing of the past.”

Of course there are the normal pitfalls of accelerometer control, but I’m excited to get my hands on this new control scheme, to see if it really does solve the problem.  If it does, even partially, it could be a big help for the shooter crowd on the Wii U.



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