Publishers happy with 3DS price cut, may want cheaper software

In what can only be good news for those of us who would like more quality software on our 3DS’s, Iwata-san has given us some good news.

Some of the software publishers were feeling that because of the price of the hardware, even if consumers become interested in our software title, they do not purchase it easily.  Others were saying, ‘I had strongly believed that this game system would be widely accepted in society, but I am starting to become anxious.’

The last thing you want your 3rd party partners to feel is anxious, which is why it was great news to Iwata-san that many were ‘greatly relieved’ by the price drop.  There was evidently still concerns about the cost of development, though Iwata-san hopes

to discuss this subject with [developers] so that the price of software will become more affordable for the users to purchase it

Which is a little vague.  Does this mean cheaper development tools and more support from Nintendo, so us consumers can stop paying $40 for retail titles?  Or is this more related to downloadable titles so they can hit the prices we’ve become accustomed to from WiiWare, XBLA and PSN?   Either way, cheaper development is good for everyone.


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