Old suits, new ideas and 3DS features: Koizumi talks Mario 3DS

In a huge interview with Nintendo Magazine, Yoshiaki Koizumi has revealed some details about the upcoming Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS. If you’re at all curious about the development of such a title, or the development of earlier Mario games, it’s an interview you should give a thorough read.

But, if you’re pressed for time and want a couple of interesting details, he’s confirmed that we’ll be getting more classic suits than just the famous Tanooki suit.

But I can say that we will definitely have some more familiar suits than just the Tanooki Suit.

Not that they’re trying to just toss in everything, they’re making game decisions based on what’s fun, and seeing if some old suits will work, as they know fans of Nintendo titles love to see interplay between nostalgia and new ideas.  Frankly I think that’s when Nintendo is really at its best.  There will be end of level poles, coin collection and 2D levels, intersperesed with new 3D levels as well.  There will likely not be a hub world, but he seemed to have not made a final decision on that.  So, how does this relate to the previous 3D Mario games, now that we’re getting 3D levels along with the 2D?

Having worked on Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy 1 and 2, we tried a lot of different new ideas for Mario games in those projects and we felt that there were lots of interesting ideas left over.

Considering how many ideas were crammed into those 4 games, I’m amazed there were any left over.  In terms of the new hardware, gyro and streetpass/spotpass features are in, but:

Mr Miyamoto said that we were still looking into some of the different possibilities for StreetPass and the Gyro sensor. I guess I should say that they are not necessarily completely out of the picture, we just have to find out if our current applications are appropriate or not, and if we decide they are not appropriate for the game then they will be cut and will not be included. But if we do find something that’s appropriate, then we will certainly keep it in.

Frankly, I can’t wait.  There will be old favourites combined with new ideas, and I’m confident it will be absolutely brilliant.



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