Another Genre gets further exploited… I mean new Abba Dancing game!

Remember when Guitar Hero and Rock Band were massive sales juggernauts?  Then Guitar Hero decided to bring out ridiculous numbers of band-specific titles and iterations?  Then the genre died a horrible death because it was being ground into the earth?  Well, fast forward a year, and dance games are a sales juggernaut!  Guess what’s happening?

So, because a Smurfs dance game wasn’t enough, Ubisoft has just confirmed that they will in fact be releasing an Abba dance game as well.  It will have a ‘budget’ price tag and release in Q4.  Which is great, because if you haven’t just picked up Smurfs Dance Party you can get Just Dance 3 on October 11th and then The Black Eyed Peas Experience on November 11th and this new Abba game somewhere in the middle!

Nope, no WAY the same thing is going to happen to dance games that happened to rhythm games.



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