New Wii, with exciting ‘no backwards compatibility’ feature

I see you there.  Staring wistfully at your 5-year-old Wii.  You wish it had something new, you want a redesign, something to really excite you, to tide you over until the Wii U next year.

Well, don’t worry, Nintendo has you covered!  They know what you really want is a lack of backward compatibility and a Wii that is slightly thinner horizontally.


This is a picture of ‘Wii Family Edition’, which I really think tells you all you need to know about the bundle.  Other than that it includes a Motionplus Wiimote, Wii Sports and Wii Party, won’t support GameCube controllers or games, and will be out this holiday season.  There will be more ‘value’ bundles coming out this fall as well, if you care.



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Micah has been playing games since his first pong machine, and has been writing for as long as he could grip a pencil and not drool on the paper. So, for about a week.

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