Pax Prime 2011: Aliens Infestation

In the first of a series of quick impressions and pictures from PAX Prime 2011 (That’s right, Nintendofire was there!), we bring you the title Aliens: Infestation that we’ve covered previously.

The SEGA booth was crowded with playable builds of a great many things, and quite a large booth for Aliens: Colonial Marines.  There was also a guy wandering around with a DS, and Aliens: Infestation.  I was excited about the game from the press shots we saw previously, and had to give it a go.

So, what was it like?  Well, it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect given the previous press, and that’s very much a good thing.  It’s a ‘MetroidVania’ style game, which means that it is large sprawling maps you can adventure through and backtrack through, while finding all kinds of secrets, items, weapons, players and upgrades.  Sound alright so far?

Well it gets better!  The atmosphere is actually as authentic to the Aliens universe as I think you could possibly make it on the DS.  It’s not graphically impressive, but WayForward has done everything it can to make the pulse rifles look and feel right as you’re blasting away at that xenomorph.  And by the way, that xenomorph is not a pushover.  Every one was dangerous in the movies, and every single one is dangerous here.  They don’t just rush at you and die, they’re more crafty than that.  Add that to the fact that every single one of your 19 marines can die, or be facehugged (which starts a countdown for you to rescue them) and removed from your team, and you’ve got a real, honest to goodness Aliens experience.

So, what’s wrong with it?  At this point I don’t know, as I only had a few minutes to play with it, as there were others interested as soon as I started to get into it.  The only thing I can say is that I’m excited for the September 30th release, and will do my best to review it right here as soon as I can.   And because I’m just that nice, here’s a handy trailer to whet your appetite



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