Co-Creator of Megaman reveals new Pirate Pengiun 3DS title

Keiji Inafune, the man who recently left Capcom and seemed to leave a wave of MegaMan destruction in his wake, has finally revealed his new project.  There have been small things announced by him, but this one is what we’ve been waiting for.  And no, it looks absolutely nothing like MegaMan at all, it’s called Kaio: King of Pirates. Kaio translates to “Sea King” if Google Translate is to be believed, and is an action RPG with multiplayer support. It is due next year for the 3DS, and seems to be intended as a trilogy right from the start.  A bold move to be sure.

Kai-Oh tells the story of the ‘Lucifer Coin’, which allows the finder to rule the ocean, to become the ‘Kaio’. There was a part of the ocean called ‘Tai Hei Yo’ which was changed into a dead zone where nothing survived, and it was called the dark ocean.  Not sure, but this is likely where the ‘Lucifer Coin’ will be found. Let’s take a look at the trailer.

Now I would have loved to see some gameplay, but we can get the idea from the video that there will be character and ship combat, and it looks like some strategic gameplay (hopefully).  There will be over 300 characters from 3 races, all animals of wildly varying kinds.  The battle will be between the ‘Aves’, ‘Beasts’ and ‘Scales’ to control the ocean. Inafune wants this to be a tale of drama and betrayal of friendship between people and really an enjoyable adventure of the ‘sea children’.

Finally, if you take a look at Inafune’s post on the King of Pirates site, he promises not to disappoint. So I guess that confirms a North American release then?



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