EA Likes the Wii U, thank goodness

Remember all that negative talk about the Wii U? The rumors about the prototypes not working and development stalling or being much more difficult than imagined?  Well, thanks to Peter Moore, COO of EA, we have a much different and decidedly less-rumory look at it. He spoke briefly to Reuters about the Wii U.

There are no indications that there’s anything that feels like it’s off target. From our perspective right now, specs are a big deal.

No one thinks its going to replace an iPad 2 but it is playing into what a consumer feels comfortable with.

Our teams are working on it around the world. Our key franchises will be there. We’ve made that commitment to Nintendo.

Of course, keep in mind that it is very much in his best interest that every platform perform well, but you have to admit it sounds like they’re very much behind the platform.  He will be taking a trip to Japan shortly to get the specs, pricing and release date from the horses mouth, which should mean that things are firming up as the April-December 2012 launch window slowly approaches.

Now I know it’s not much news, but it’s good news and I felt I needed to share.



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