Zelda: Total War

Zelda Hyrule: Total War is a conversion mod for Medieval 2: Total War on PC, and is of course not for any Nintendo console.  However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feature a whole host of Nintendo goodness. (And that doesn’t mean Nintendo won’t send them the dreaded ‘take this down now’ letter)

But in the meantime, what we’ve got here is a 20-faction battle for Hyrule.  Those factions are a wide variety of those you’d expect and those you wouldn’t: Kingdom of Hyrule, Gorons, Gerudo, Zora, Kokiri, Gohma, Deku and many more.

If you want to give it a try, head on over here and download the 15-faction demo.  I don’t have the required Kingdoms Expansion pack, but I’m seriously debating it.


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