Resident Evil: Revelations Bundle and new Trailer

Nintendo has announced that on February 7th, Resident Evil: Revelations for the 3DS will be available separately and as a limited edition bundle which includes the ugly-but-comfortable Circle Pad Pro.  But if you hate the idea of making your 3DS super bulky, do not worry!  The game is playable without it, probably in the same style as Resident Evil: Mercenaries was.  It will be interesting to see how the two control schemes fair when pitted against each other, and we can decide if leaving of triggers and a second analog stick was a good idea or not.

Moving on, we’ve got a new ‘story trailer’ to share, thanks to the Capcom blog.

Looks interesting for sure, and to finish off the post we’ve got a bunch of screenshots with some of the new characters that you’ll be able to play in RAID MODE, a Gears of War Horde-mode type game.  In these are Quint, Keith, O’Brian, Morgan, Raymond, Jessica and Parker.  Head over to the Capcom Blog to read all about them.



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