First 3DS Demos up, but not for us…

I think the best new feature, in that it’s the one I’ll be using the most, is the ability to download demos on the 3DS eShop.  I thought it was moronic when Nintendo said that the cheapest anything on the eShop could be was $1.99, including demos.  Which is, of course, why nobody put any up.  I know I’ve bought many games I wouldn’t have otherwise touched on the PC or Xbox Live because of demos, and I look forward to finally getting some on the 3DS.  I’m sure we will, but for right now here’s a list of the first demos up on the Japanese eShop.

  • Monster Hunter 3 G
  • Dead Or Alive: Dimensions
  • Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic
  • Puyo Puyo
  • Crayon Shin Chan
  • New Love Plus

Wouldn’t mind the first 2, but I just don’t really see myself playing New Love Plus, but perhaps that’s just me?


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