‘The Binding of Isaac’ will come with Expansion pack on 3DS

‘Team Meat’, the brains behind the million-selling platformer Super Meat Boy released their second title The Binding of Isaac to critical acclaim and to some critical disgust.  It has some very dark religious undertones, and as such is not a title that will hit the kind of popularity that Super Meat Boy will.  It is out on the PC/MAC already and has been since September 28th, and they’ve reportedly been interested in bringing it to the 3DS via the eShop.

Probably partially due to the controversial nature of the title they’re still in negotiations to bring the game to the eShop, but if they do than they’ve told Joystiq that it will come with the first and only expansion pack The Wrath of the Lamb. It increases the amount of content in the game by about 50%, but no news on release date or price yet.  Keep it tuned right here for news when it gets announced.


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