Xbox 3, Playstation 4 showing up at E3 or not?

The internet was set ablaze by a report over at MCV citing a ‘rock-solid’ source, stating that the next Xbox (3, 720 or whatever you want to call it) and the new Playstation (4, probably) will be showing up at the E3 show in June.  As you know if you’ve been following the rumours here on NintendoFire, the original launch date for them was rumoured to be in 2014.

That seemed to make sense, but then we heard that Microsoft was planning on stepping up the release to 2013 so the Wii U didn’t have a 2-year head start, which also seemed to make sense.  But showing a console at E3 would indicate a release the next year, so if MCV is correct then we should see a dual console launch in 2013, with the Wii U details being confirmed (Price and release date) at E3 this year.  However, our friend Michael Patcher, analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities, has told Forbes that there’s absolutely no chance of that happening.

So why do we care what he says?  I have no idea, but news sites and blogs are picking up his comments.  Wedbush might be a big company, but I don’t know why we’re listening to this guy.  Of course MCV could very easily be making the whole thing up to generate hits, as rumors sell.  All I want to say, is just be patient.  I didn’t comment on the MCV story initially I’m not a huge fan of rumors, but there was enough attention, and I just want to say, be patient.  All shall be revealed shortly.


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