Metal Gear Solid 3D in February

Finally!  I’ve been waiting for a release date for awhile now, and have been looking at that nice little gap in February that it would fit into.  Apparently Konami had the same idea, as it’s been announced that Metal Gear Solid 3D will be coming on February 21st.  Given that Resident Evil:Revelations is hitting 2 weeks prior along with the Circle Pad Pro, which Metal Gear will support, should give 3DS owners something to do in February.

If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s a 3D remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which was originally released on the Playstation 2.  It is considered a fantastic game, and you should be able to enjoy it even without having played the first 2, though do be warned that the plot can get quite in depth and complex.  IGN mentioned another interesting feature of the game which I didn’t know about, the ability to use the 3DS camera to take pictures of things around you to use as camouflage in game.  For those of you that think that sounds stupid, I agree.  I’m sure I’ll try it once, go ‘huh, that’s neat’, and then never touch it again.  Still though, points for trying, right?


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