MegaMan getting a proper 25th Anniversary Present?

As Nintendo gave Zelda a great anniversary present with a concert tour, a free 3DS eShop game, the biggest Zelda game ever, some awesome Club Nintendo prizes and other things, it’s hard not to be wondering about MegaMan. His first release was in December of 1987, so I’ll wait for you to do the math.

That’s right, the 24th year of MegaMan was terrible, with 2 games cancelled, no appearance in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and the departure of Keiji Inafune.  So, do us fans of the blue bomber have anything at all to look forward to for the big 2-5?

Well, in the latest ‘Ask Capcom’ video Q&A, they had this to share when asked about the 25th.

We are continuing to noodle what our plans and what our celebration should be. There’s a whole bunch of things that we know we kind of have to get in a row before we actually really divulge or start to celebrate Mega Man.

Yea.  Like how you’re going to win us back.  You know how easy that would be to do? Release the MegaMan Legends 3 demo you promised you would, then tell us we’re getting a modern MegaMan X sequel.  Everyone would go nuts.  But do we actually have anything to look forward to in the next, let’s say, decade?

I hesitate to say exactly what, because I don’t want people reading more into it than is there. Let’s just say there are top men thinking about and actively discussing where we’re going to take the brand for the next ten years and how we’re going to do it.

Oh really. So ‘top men’ are talking about arguably their biggest character? Amazing.  Now, just so you don’t think I’m all bitter about everything I do have one positive thing to say.  The new MegaMan comic series? Actually not bad.

See? Ended on a positive note.



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