Bits: Sony patents WiiU like tech, Mario & Sonic sells great, Mario Party 9 gets 86%

Thanks to VentureBeat, we’ve got a look at a patent filing by Sony, which shows a similar control system to the Wii U.  Looks like it’s probably more a tablet-TV control system than a controller-PS3 control system, but it could be either.


The recently released Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games was revealed to have sold a massive 2.39 million copies already, despite not having been released in Japan yet.  Not bad, eh?


And in the latest issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine, the new Mario Party 9 gets an 86%, which is certainly an improvement on the 69% that ONM gave Mario Party 8. Head on over to to take a look at the other info about the new title.


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