Bits from Shiggy: Pikmin 3 is his ‘Ideal’, Toad is… not

Entertainment Weekly has a brief interview up with Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto, and if you don’t have time to read it, I’ll give you what I thought were the two high points.

Originally, I was making Pikmin 3 would be launched on the Wii platform. Because the Wii U is capable of HD quality pictures, and will be accompanied by the subscreen on your hand. I thought that I would be able to make a Pikmin that was closer to my ideal. I am now actually enjoying myself, working on the game.

That’s a good thing, as when he puts his mind to something and really gets in to it, it ends up being fantastic more often than not.  And his response when the interviewer is shocked that Toad is his least favourite character?

I understand that he has some popularity. Somehow.

I’m right there with you Shiggy.



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