Nintendo Downloads, February 23rd

This week, we’ve got a 3D action tower defence set in the Wild West (Or at least the wild west of some planet), a game where you push boxes around and finally a platformer where you control ‘gnomz’.  Which I think are gnomes that have been horribly mutated with a z. Looks like the 3DS gets the best of the download yet again this week.


3DS eShop

Dillon’s Rolling Western – 1 player, $9.99

Dillon’s Rolling Western is a character driven action game with tower defense elements.

Armadillo ranger Dillon leaps into action at the touch of the stylus, using his rolling attack skills to defend frontier villages from waves of invading rock monsters. During the day, Dillon collects resources to build up defenses such as gun towers and defensive walls. At night, he battles the Grocks with the help of those defenses. The 3-D graphics bring the game’s Wild West setting to life. Dillon’s story unfolds as he and his partner, Russ, interact with the inhabitants of the many western villages they fight to save.




DSiWare / 3DS eShop

Box Pusher – 1-2 players, $4.99/500 points

Push! In this classic puzzle game you play a warehouse worker who has to move boxes to the correct locations. Sounds easy?

Prove you have the brain power to solve over 250 missions and master all situations with the correct strategy.

Funny animations, zoomable playing area and unlimited undo will help you with these brain-teasers.

Play with friends in multiplayer or make and exchange your own levels. This puzzler will captivate you. Download it now!







2 Fast 4 Gnomz – 1 player, 500 points

Four brave gnomes venture on a journey so epic, they don’t even know where they’re going.

Join Bumb, Berzerk, Speedster and Uncle Time as they run, fly, bounce, glide and break their way through the magical lands of Gnomia to reach their mysterious destiny.

You can help them save the kingdom, find a princess and collect hundreds of precious lost socks.

Run faster than a speeding rabbit! Leap large holes in a single bound! Become more powerful than a raging elephant!  Get 2 Fast 4 Gnomz!


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