Nintendo Direct: Super Mario Brothers 2 on 3DS, Kirby Wii Collection, MarioKart Patches

Nintendo has just released a bunch of interesting news on their facebook page and through a Nintendo Direct presentation.  If you want to take a look at the entire European feed of that, look no further than right below.  If you’d rather not spend half an hour watching and just get the news, read on.


The biggest news is that the 3DS will be home to New Super Mario Brothers 2, a direct sequel to New Super Mario Brothers Wii, the fantastic side scroller that had some of the best 2D platforming in years.  It’s designed to be a ‘pick up and play’ experience for players of all skill levels, a traditional side-scrolling game starring Mario and Luigi.  Check out the screenshots below.


Next, to mark the 20th anniversary of Kirby, there will be a special anniversary disc released for the Wii later this year, containing a variety of fan-favourite Kirby games.  This won’t be all that Nintendo is announcing for his anniversary however, more is to come. Check out the logo below that they posted on their facebook page.


Lastly, a bit of news about the 3DS.  On April 25th, the 3DS will get an update.  The majour features are home screen folders (Great for people like me who already have it half full), eShop suggestions based on your games, and the ability to patch ‘select games’.  The only one they’ve mentioned so far is a mid-May patch for MarioKart 7 which will remove unintentional shortcut exploits in the game.  About bloody time!

Also, on the 28th of April the Kid Icarus Anime series will return to Nintendo Video.  So, good news all around!


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