Nintendo Patent Reveals More about Wii U Controllers!

Up to this point, a lot of the information we’ve seen on the Wii U has focused on how an individual player will use the Wii U controller and others will use remotes. A new patent filed by Nintendo now shows the potential for a single player to use the Wii U controller and a remote by themselves.

It outlines how a single player could use the remote to interact with both a TV and the Wii U controller. In the example below, two characters are under threat of a attack, but using the Wii remote, you could pick up your character from the TV and move it to the safe haven of the Wii U controller screen.

The smaller image is the Wii U Screen, the larger one is the TV.

The Wii U controller has a sensor strip along it’s top, so shouldn’t shock anyone that Nintendo is planning on using the remote and new controller in conjunction…. but that being said, this is still a pretty interesting concept with great potential. As always we can trust Nintendo to come up with unique ideas, the only question remains is if third party support, will take advantage of it, or turn it into a gimmick.

We should see many more Wii U details at E3 in early Jun.



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