ZombiU for the Wii U

In Ubisoft’s press conference yesterday, they announced a game for the Wii U called ZombiU in a CG trailer full of crazy zombie happenings. For those skeptics, it’s worth noting that Ubisoft’s very first game ever was the game Zombi, an adventure game from 1986. And it was critically acclaimed. How’s that for good news?

The 2012 version will be an FPS, emphasizing horror elements and survival in London. You’ll get multiplayer mode (one person uses the GamePad to move the zombies around in an overhead view, the other uses the controller to fight at ground level), and plenty of customizable zombies (if that’s your thing…).

The most exciting thing we’ve heard is that if your character dies, you’ll be able to hunt the zombie of your character down to retrieve the body and your loot.

We thing the title sounds promising, and we’re looking forward to more info on this game as the release date gets closer.


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