Go Retro with Marvel Pinball for the 3DS

Who doesn’t love the heart-stopping, edge of your seat excitement that is… pinball?

And to make it even more exciting, what about Marvel pinball? In 3D.

Yes, I jest, but the truth of the matter is, Zen Studios’ Marvel Pinball has actually been fairly well received, despite how ridiculous it seems. Plus, Zen Studios is known for their surprisingly fun virtual pinball games. And now you can play it on your 3DS!

Take the battle to the table with characters like Iron man, the Fantastic Four, and Captain America.

The 3DS version will offer online leaderboards, Hero Score, mission rewards, and local multiplayer.


Zen Studios’ Marvel Pinball 3D–Trailer 1


The game is available through the Nintendo eShop for $7.99 (NA), with a June 28th release.


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