Go! Go! Kokopolo Will Be a Space Recipe for Disaster

That is, that’s the title of the game. Seriously.

Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D – Space Recipe for Disaster will be published by CIRCLE Entertainment out of Tanukii Studios, and is coming to the 3DS as an eShop release. And yes, it’s a brand new game. Not a port. The game will have 80 new stages, 10 new boss fights, and the series’ well-loved blend of mazes and… cats.

What’s the story behind this one? Turns out our heroes Kokopolo, Tatsumo, and Jinbe, each happen on a bit of a magical stone tablet from outer space (yes, seriously), and decide they’re going to head out to find the final piece. Why? Apparently this tablet grants immortality to the one who possesses it.

Each character is playable and has its own route through the game, with plenty of new stages to whet your Kokopolo appetite: Castles, scrap yards, deserts, and ultimately outer space.

And while the game is still in development at this stage, as soon as we hear any details, we’ll let you know!


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