Unreal Engine 4 Ports on Wii U a Potential Reality

After months of wondering whether the Wii U would have the ability to handle Unreal Engine 4, it looks like the question has been answered. The VP of Epic Games, Mark Rein, has said that porting Unreal Engine 4 games to the Wii U will in fact be possible… even though Epic doesn’t have any of their own plans to do so.

Rather, they’re planning to leave it up to developers as to whether they want to do it or not. He said that the engine is “supremely scalable” and therefore have enough flexibility to run on the Wii U if, by chance, a developer decides they want to be able to port the titles to the system.

That said, Unreal Engine 3 is fully compatible, and there are already games out there that are using it which have been announced for the Wii U, such as ME3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines.


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