Hurtle into the Stars with Planet Crashers Trailer

Hold onto your helmets, kids! The Developer Renegade Kid has launched a new trailer to celebrate the release of its newest RPG game, which will crash into European and American 3DS eShops tomorrow (that’s Thursday, for you bleary-eyed folks this morning).

If you’re new to Planet Crashers news, it’s a game where you must travel across galaxies on a mission to shop something eeeevil from, naturally, destroying everything. Namely, the sun, which is a fairly significant feature in our universe (so to speak).

There’s a huge area to explore in this game, and you’ll find everything from customizable characters to exciting quests and a storyline that’s both quirky and endearing. Why did it become an eShop release instead of store-shelf title? Well, who knows, but hopefully that won’t stop 3DS owners from giving this game a shot.


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