Roster Revs Up to Over 20 Characters in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

On November 16th, there’s going to be a whole lot of crazy racing going on… (In Europe, anyway… still no word on NA, but we’re assuming it’ll be around the same time.) And while there’ve been many promises made about how the game will differ from Mario Kart 7, what everyone is really chomping at the bit to know is: Who’s in the game?!

Yeah, that’s right, forget the karts and the levels and the challenges. Who can we stick in a little vehicle and move around?

Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital has told fans in the SEGA forum that there have been 29 characters confirmed across the platforms we’ll see the game on, but that there will most definitely be some characters which are system-exclusive. Hrmmm.

Some games will have low 20s and some high 20s, in terms of character numbers. As for playable vehicles, there are apparently 90 of those on the docket, considering that each vehicle has several forms for land, air, water, etc. And will each vehicle be limited to a single driver? From the sounds of things, no.

But who are we playing? Okay, so we still don’t have a full list yet, but 29 characters in total across platforms sounds like a decent number. Presumably that means you’ll have a chance to see and play both new and old favorites, and we’re taking a few guesses as to whether we’ll see some exclusive characters for the 3DS release.

By which we mean, we’re begging that it isn’t a special appearance by Shy Guy. Anything but that. 


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