Nintendo Piracy Ring Foiled by Korean Customs

Korean Customs Officials have been investigating a ring of Nintendo piracy suspects in an operation ongoing since April of this year, and according to Wired, the KCS has claimed that over 25 suspects, selling more than 90,000 illegally copied games and devices that can be used to copy software for the DS, have had their information turned over to prosecutors.

Apparently the sales and copying devices add up to over $87,000,000, and were only part of the operation’s piracy activities. Some memory cards sold by the alleged pirates could include up to 300 games, and were sold for anywhere between $35-87.

The accused sold their wares through overseas websites, and changed IP addresses frequently in order to avoid detection. Customs officials have commented that, since most of the gamers purchasing pirated products were minors, the illegalities of the act will not be considered as severe or harsh for those individuals.


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