Matte Red / Blue DSi Coming to North America This Week

According to a tweet by Nintendo of America, the DSi is getting a color makeover this week, with Matte Red and Matte Blue DSi models hitting store shelves in a matter of days. The tweet said this:

Nintendo of America ?@NintendoAmerica

Time for a color refresh! Check out Matte Red & Matte Blue Nintendo DSi coming to retailers as early as this week!


Your first reaction might be “why?” and “aren’t we getting a 3DS XL in those colors?” Well, because, and yes. It looks like maybe Nintendo decided to offer a less expensive option for gamers looking to upgrade their system (if a color change can be considered an upgrade), but who can’t afford to do so with the 3DS XL right now.

Most of all, it’s a little odd to see new colors for the DSi so long after release and after so many other models of the DS/3DS have hit the market, but at the same time it’s nice to see Nintendo still supporting their older hardware even in the midst of their new big releases.


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