Fight! Fight! Fight! In a Tank! Tank! Tank! On Wii U

Arcade enthusiasts, take note! No longer will you need to trek down to your local Playdium or games palace with a pocket full of quarters and a desperate hope that your favourite game isn’t broken… because Namco Bandai has confirmed that, coming for the Wii U, is everyone’s favourite arcade game from 2009, Tank! Tank! Tank!.

Now, the question remains as to whether the version on the Wii U will be as fun & exciting without the enormous surrounding arcade cabinet and slamming reverberation every time you fire a cannon. Or crash into something.

But the game itself is darn fun, so it’ll be a surprise if it doesn’t at least manage that much. It’s a goofy, ridiculous game that puts your face on the front of the tank and has you fighting giant spiders, sea dragons, and more.

The Wii U version was demoed at E3, so there are hints about the gameplay. At demo time, up to five players could play at once, with one on the GamePad and four on Wiimotes. The movement was quick and the tanks responsive, making the frantic pace of the game a little more manageable for newcomers in particular.

Different types of weapons, missiles, and destructible environments make this a crazy game with a variety of modes… player vs. player, timed missions, and of course giant boss fights. It’s a simple game at heart—jump in your tank, shoot stuff until it’s dead—but the beauty is in the simplicity and pure thrill of ridiculous fun.

Watch the trailer here:


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