Here Comes Toki Toki 2!

Although it’s not new news that Toki Toki 2 will be heading to the Wii U as a downloadable game, Two Tribes has just released a new trailer and some insider info on how they’re planning on using the increasingly-quizzical-to-developers GamePad.

With the GamePad, players are going to be able to use something called the Tokidex, an in-game encyclopedia that players add to by snapping pictures of items and characters on-screen… sort of a virtual in-game camera feature.

In the trailer, you’ll see some of the upcoming puzzles in the game, as well as our favorite tiny chicken floating about and flying through the air with a bit of help. There’s also a stomping move that allows you to manipulate the environment and the creatures around you.

Check out the trailer here:


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