The eShop Tastes Like Chicken

Oh yes, on August 16th, you hungry gamers can have a tasty snack on your 3DS and DsiWare… though, not really. Because who wants to eat a virtual chicken? Somehow it’s not quite the same.

Plus, it’s a little off-putting when your dinner is a Crazy Chicken Pirate. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t go hunting for it, right? Just for you (and, uh, everyone else with a 3DS / DSiWare), Teyon has announced that Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D will be squawking its way into your hands this Thursday in North America.

Apparently the game has sold around 15 million copies in other formats, so if you’re not one of those fifteen million people, here’s the gist of it: It’s a point & shoot game, where you must restore peace to the Caribbean seaside on Chicken Island by aiming at, and then shooting, the invading Chicken Pirates in 90 seconds per round.

CHICKEN PIRATES. Yes, we are definitely playing this game.

Only $1.99 on the 3DS, and 200 points on DSiWare.


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